Furniture Improvements 2023

White garden furniture on a patio

Cast Aluminium Reproductions

In the 1950s, cast aluminium manufacturers realised that they could replicate iconic Victorian outdoor furniture that was originally produced in iron. Aluminium is rust free, much lighter and robust. 

In 1945, Daniel Gustin invented the powder coating technique which electrostatically attaches coloured powder to metal products, which are then cured in an oven. The result is a coating that is much more resilient than traditional wet paint.

UK foundries such as Jardine Leisure, Brambley, Freegate and Ashworth Leisure used the powder coating method to finish Victorian and Edwardian garden furniture reproductions. These producers also cast chairs and tables that were influenced by the designs of the 19th century.

We reproduce Christopher Dresser’s designs, and other Coalbrookdale furniture, in aluminium. We also make the vintage style furniture that first began production in the 1950s. This includes the Grape chairs and Victorian tables.

Garden Furniture Upgrades 2023.

At Coalbrook, we decided to upgrade the aluminium Victorian style garden furniture from the 1950s. As a nation we are now taller and bigger. The standard Grape Chair, which we still produce, may be too small for some users and commercial situations, so we have designed an XL version.  Also we have extended the Victorian table range by adding larger and different shaped table tops.


Grape Diner & Carver Chair Upgrades 2023

Screw In Feet – All of our aluminium chairs, tables and benches now have screw in nylon feet to protect the powder coating from scratching or chipping.

Welded Legs – the original Grape chair had legs that were bolted to the seat part. We now weld the legs to the seat, so that over time the legs cannot work loose.

Threaded Sleeve – the arms on the Grape carver chair are secured with stainless steel bolts. On the original chair, the threads to receive the bolts were simply drilled into the back and seat parts. As stainless steel is harder than aluminium the threads can be easily stripped. To eliminate this, we now tap in a threaded stainless steel sleeve which receives the securing bolt.

New XL Grape Chairs – the standard Grape Chair is still in our range, but we have increased the size by approximately 25% to offer a larger seat that is more appropriate for the modern era.

In 1954, the typical British male adult was just over 5ft 7in tall, weighed 11st 6lbs, had a chest of 37 inches and a waist of 34 inches. Today, the average man is 5ft 10in, weighs 12st 6lbs and has a chest of 42 inches with a waist of 37 inches. Women have increased in size too!

Coalbrook grape chair improvements for 2023
Standard Grape Diner Chair Measurements 2023
Grape Diner Chair XL Measurements 2023
Standard Grape Carver Chair Measurements 2023
Grape Carver Chair XL Measurements 2023
Victorian maxi grande table with measurements

Table Upgrades 2023

Screw In Feet – All of our tables now have screw in nylon feet to protect the powder coating from scratching or chipping.

Wider Oval Tables – Originally the aluminium Victorian reproduction oval tables were 94cm in depth. However, this left little room in the middle of the table once place settings were set. We have now expanded all of the oval tables to a depth of 120cm. This is especially effective in improving the versatility and aesthetics of our larger sets.

Larger Round TablesThe 94cm round Victorian table is still a great 4 seater but we now cast larger round tables. We now have a 120cm diameter 6 seat round table and a 150cm version, that will accommodate 8 of our Grape chairs.

Square & Rectangular Tables – Our Victorian table range now boasts a 150 x 90cm rectangular table for 6 and a square 90 x 90cm table for up to 4 people. These tables can be placed together to create longer settings.

Bistro Tables – To create more usable space, we have increased the diameter of the standard bistro table from 68cm to 72cm. There is also a new 100cm diameter bistro table which can easily cope with 4 diners.

The Christopher Dresser Bistro Table – Also known as the Grape Table, it was manufactured in iron by the Coalbrookdale factory in the late 19th century. Many of the aluminium reproductions simply utilised the legs from the Victorian round table which is historically incorrect. We now cast Dresser’s design with the same legs as the original.